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Where Women Fall Behind at Work: The First Step Into Management

By Vanessa Fuhrmans
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Image by Luci Gutiérrez
"Great article on the importance of leadership at every level and how we still have so much work to do to build genuine diverse workforce’s" — Natasha Mandie

The conventional narrative of the ambitious woman at work goes something like this: Woman joins the workforce with big dreams. Over the years, she advances in her career alongside male colleagues. Yet on the way to the top, she hits an invisible barrier to the highest corridors of power.

Long before bumping into any glass ceiling, many women run into obstacles trying to grasp the very first rung of the management ladder—and not because they are pausing their careers to raise children—a new, five-year landmark study shows. As a result, it’s early in many women’s careers, not later, when they fall dramatically behind men in promotions, blowing open a gender gap that then widens every step up the chain…

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